Homes for rent, inquire within

For the last couple of days, I have had a bevy of bluebirds migrate through my fields on their way to warmer climes. These birds consist mostly of males, but some females accompany them. They fly about visiting each and every bluebird house in the field. Some just sit on the top surveying their […]

I thought winter was over.

February here in the Berkshires was delightful. Sparse smatterings of snow just here and there in amongst the trees. The fields were completely brown just waiting for spring to sprout new grass. We had the return of a pair of bluebirds apartment hunting. They flew from one bird house to another. The male would peek […]

Barn Swallows

Last week we had a sudden rain burst and as I gazed out the window overlooking the pasture, I saw barn swallows and several rough-winged swallows “fall” out of the sky. The torrential downpour drove them down near the ground and as they sought protection from the onslaught, they struggled to reach the white pine […]

Note cards featuring my bird art now available

Good News!Due to popular demand, I now have note cards available with some of my favorite birds. These include a Hermit Thrush, Barn Swallows, Red-eyed Vireo, Marsh Wren, and Baltimore Oriole. You can easily purchase these selections or custom order any other illustration that you might prefer on line individually complete with envelopes and clear […]

A Change in the Seasons

Well, it’s the end of March here in New England. In my opinion, it is about the uglest time of year what with all the dirty snow along the roadsides. As the frost leaves the ground, there is mud everywhere the snow has melted and with a constant change in temperatures from cold, blustery, snowy […]

Winter in the Berkshires

March 30: Winter this past season has been especially taxing for all of us in the Northeast as I might assume elsewhere in the United States. The severe cold, wind, and a steady dose of snowstorms made life challenging at best. I was able to keep the bird feeders fully stocked as it is critical […]

Election Day

November 4: This was midterm election day and promised to result in a low turnout of voters as has been our history in the past. I normally head over to our local polling station in the town hall around lunch time. It was a clear, rather warm day and as I headed out the door, […]

Real estate wars

We have installed a barn owl nesting box in our barn in the hopes that we might attract barn owls next spring to our farm. In the meanwhile, our resident starlings who normally nest in tree hollows, were irresistibly drawn to the dark hole in the side of the barn. They cluster around the roof’s […]

Little Gems in the Forest

November 1: While hiking along a logging road that runs through a partially cleared section of our woods up behind the farm, I heard the thin, high notes of golden-crowned kinglets actively working their way through the balsam branches as they sought out tiny insects. On such a grey, dreary, cold day, the sight of […]

Bluebirds in our midst

October 20: The barn and paddock as well as the garden were resplendent with bluebirds today. I don’t know if they are passing through on their way south or will hang around for some time. The males were uncharacteristically chattering as the females fed on some of the bright red seed pods hung on the […]