Into the Wind - A New Book to Review

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What if you lost your freedom?That is exactly what happens to Darius, a wild mustang who grew up on the great American plains. His peaceful life is suddenly over when he is captured and forced to live in stock pens, only to be sold and loved by a young girl […]

Birthday calendars

Have you ever thought you need to remember a birthday, anniversary or special occasion for the upcoming month and can’t remember where you jotted down the information? Well, now you can keep all this information in one place and one location. You even hang it on a wall where it is easy to find! I […]

Christmas cards for 2018!

New for the 2018 holidays!My original Christmas card design for this year (2018) includes an evergreen tree surrounded by the animals of the forest, and my signature Santa’s hat appears in all of my holiday card designs. The cards are 10 cards with envelopes for $20.00. If you prefer, you may also choose from designs […]