Farmhouse Fall Revisited

A week has passed, and many more trees have joined the Fall Foliage parade here at the farmhouse. Each year we look forward to this wonderful event and enjoy sharing it with the “leaf peepers” that wander through our neighborhood. My Dad always felt that the days around Columbus Day were considered the height of […]

Fall Colors

The fall season is beginning to paint the hillside behind the farmhouse in beautiful yellow and red colors. Check back each week to see how the hill is transformed into a riot of fall colors. Upon closer inspection, just above the sculpture in the field, you can see a bit of red peeking out […]

Agnes is back!

Agnes, our wonderful young chicken, caught her leg between two boards in the hen house. She was trapped and unable to free herself. I eventually freed her leg and noticed it was swollen and scraped in several places. As I sat her down on the floor, I noticed she could not place her weight on […]

Chickens, chickens, chickens

David and I dove headlong into raising chickens. We brought home eight little bundles of fluff that promise to grow up to be Golden Lace Wyandotte hens, pretty, friendly, and easy keepers. What we noticed almost immediately is that they grow and change almost overnight. What a treat to watch them develop into young chickens. […]

Into the Wind - A New Book to Review

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What if you lost your freedom?That is exactly what happens to Darius, a wild mustang who grew up on the great American plains. His peaceful life is suddenly over when he is captured and forced to live in stock pens, only to be sold and loved by a young girl […]

Robins galore!

It is the first day of April and this is no fool’s joke. My backyard and the pasture are quite littered with robins. They are passing through our neighborhood to parts known only to them. Several will stay to take up residence in ideal robin nesting locations. The group is comprised mostly of males […]

Sky diving

It’s still March, but the weather has turned warm as spring knocks on the proverbial door. The sky is a leaden winter grey and blustery with the March wind evident. Looking out toward the hill behind the farmhouse beyond the pasture, now devoid of snow, I happen to notice the raven pair who have […]

The seasons are changing

In spite of the bitter cold temperatures over the last week or so, there is the promise of spring in the air. Three male Red-winged Blackbirds have arrived at my feeders. The males are the first to head north so as to check out the local landscape and compete for the best nesting sites. […]

Today’s the day!

Today is the day the barn swallows fledged! Morning arrived sunny and warm. While hanging bedsheets on the clothesline, I overhead the familiar squeeks and warbles of barn swallows. (I affectionately call them “barnies”.) They are one of my favorite birds and I anxiously anticipate their arrival in May. This year, they chose various […]

Yin and yang

Boy was I wrong! I thought spring had won control over the climate a week or so ago. Now, every day the weather vacillates between spring and winter. Yesterday was beautiful, a cloudless sky, warm 59 degrees and perfect for raking leaves and uncovering flower beds to see what has poked up through the […]