Transition Time

Even if you didn’t know it was September, you would know there is a change in the air. The nights are cooler and the days take time to warm up. The sky is a clear blue and the humidity has vanished. The deciduous trees are not the same deep summer green; they have mellowed […]

Spring is here!

Spring is in the air although it does not look like it what with the brown grass and bare trees. There are grey, leaded clouds overhead, but the blackbirds are back; red-winged, common grackles, starlings in large numbers. Several pair of Canada geese circled overhead checking out living accommodations at the local ponds including […]


About 30 nomadic Evening Grosbeaks blew in yesterday. Their bright yellow, grey, black and white coloring was a delight to see against the bland white landscape. They availed themselves of the sunflower seeds in the feeders in the honeysuckle bush outside the dining room window. They stayed for about 10 minutes and then they were […]

Northern visitors

I was fortunate enough to walk through the dining room at just the right moment to view the front yard and the feeders in the large honeysuckle bush. There on a patch of ground uncovered by the snow plow, at first glance I thought they were Lapland Longspurs, but then quickly realized these birds had […]

Traffic around the feeders

Monday as I looked out the window where the feeders hang in the large honeysuckle bush, there clustered among the top branches were six Red-winged blackbirds. Perhaps they were youngsters from this year and finally realized they were past due to leave for warmer climes and just searching for a place to rest before moving […]

Canadas still flying south

It has been an interesting week on the farm. Late Sunday afternoon on my way out to close up the chickens for the night, I heard the faint call of a Canada goose. After looking all around me, I saw a small skeine of them flying low and thought they were headed for the pond. […]

Signs of an upcoming winter

This morning while sitting at my dining room table siping a warm cup of coffee, I was thrilled to see the arrival of several Pine Siskins checking out the feeders in our old honeysuckle bush. They are a delicate-looking, but hardy little finch with a thin bill and flashes of yellow color in their wing […]

Turkey Trot

Well, Saturday blew in nasty; snow, sleet and driving rain with a strong wind that drove most of the remaining maple leaves out of the yard. The temperature did not help either as it was hovering around 32 to 36 degrees. However Saturday was the day the turkey hens decided to return at about 30 […]

Seeing red

Well, this is a first for me. Today, outside my dining room window in the honeysuckle bush (more like a small tree), I saw the male cardinal who resides in our neighborhood. As he moved around the bush deciding on how and when to alight on the bird feeder, there appeared another male cardinal. Never […]

Spring has arrived.

It was quite a struggle, but spring is surely here to stay. The snow has melted back to just a few patches in the woods. There are faint areas of green erupting from the soil and the daffodils are showing more of their sunny heads. Four does appeared in the fields yesterday around dusk; three […]