Turkey Trot

Well, Saturday blew in nasty; snow, sleet and driving rain with a strong wind that drove most of the remaining maple leaves out of the yard. The temperature did not help either as it was hovering around 32 to 36 degrees. However Saturday was the day the turkey hens decided to return at about 30 […]

Seeing red

Well, this is a first for me. Today, outside my dining room window in the honeysuckle bush (more like a small tree), I saw the male cardinal who resides in our neighborhood. As he moved around the bush deciding on how and when to alight on the bird feeder, there appeared another male cardinal. Never […]

Spring has arrived.

It was quite a struggle, but spring is surely here to stay. The snow has melted back to just a few patches in the woods. There are faint areas of green erupting from the soil and the daffodils are showing more of their sunny heads. Four does appeared in the fields yesterday around dusk; three […]

Where have all the April showers gone?

Once more, Saturday was beautiful. People were finally able to get outside and do a little bit of yard work, raking, cleaning the salt and gravel off their lawns left by the snow plows, thinking about spring planting time, and just enjoying the day. Then came Sunday, Monday and now Tuesday. The snow has returned […]

The eagle has landed

As I was sitting in the sunroom today under a cloudy sky enjoying a luncheon salad, a dark, brown shape obscured my view of the sky. As I stood up to see what it was, a large adult bald eagle flew overhead and as he crossed the pasture, he pirouetted and made a steep dive […]

Robins abound

Today is bright and sunny, full of promise. The robins finally have spots of bare ground to search for morsels to eat. These newcomers are males, arriving earlier than the ladies, either to move further north or set up shop here on my farm. Welcome home!

A contest between two seasons

It seems as we slide into the month of April, we have a weather contest unfolding. On any particular day, we might have sunlight, snow flurries, a cloudy sky and then a full blown snow storm covering the ground again with a blanket of snow. The sun returns and spring seems to be gaining a […]

March Nor'easters

I just knew February was not going to be the last of winter, even if the ground was bare and the temperatures balmy. March is still roaring like a lion (thanks MGM!). I have little lanes carved out to reach the bird feeders which I have had to clear several times a day as it […]

Sun power

Since I had solar panels installed on my roof, the sun has been very accommodating with my electricity bill. Not only has it helped my pocketbook, but staying off the grid as much as possible has been a benefit to the environment in some small part. It seems even on cloudy or overcast days, the […]

A white April?

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, but it was today that we woke up to a white April. Winter tried once again to hold its grip with a covering of snow as the blackbirds are returning en masse, red-wings, grackles and some rusties. I can fully image their confusion this morning when they awoke to a […]