Are you fascinated by birds, their ability to escape the confines of earth with flight, their marvelous color patterns and not in the least, their song?

Have you complied a life list over the years? What are your favorites among those birds you have seen and heard?

Having watched and studied birds most of my life and compiled a substantial life list from various parts of the country and beyond, I have my favorites amongst the group and they are now prominently displayed on the wall in my great room as seen on the right.

It might even be fun to include your state bird in the center of that group. I am in the process of including all the state birds in my collection. Enter the gallery by clicking on any of the images or on the gallery link above, and see what you like.

Christmas cards for 2018!

New for the 2018 holidays!

My original Christmas card design for this year (2018) includes an evergreen tree surrounded by the animals of the forest, and my signature Santa’s hat appears in all of my holiday card designs.  The cards are 10 cards with envelopes for $20.00.  If you prefer, you may also choose from designs drawn in years past, including the sleigh, reindeer or polar bears (see below, and click each small image to see a larger version).  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and prosperous new year!


Holiday cards in sets of 10. Choose from the designs above. $20 per box of one design.